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When we are willing to release our life into god's plan, god is able to release his plan into our life
-Stacy L. Sanchez

Dear Friends,

My journey in the field of Holistic Healing has been enriched by various books. They have opened up new zones to explore, given food for thought, shown new paths, broken myths, old beliefs and conditionings, reinforced many ideas which were bubbling within, made me aware of new techniques of healing, helped me gain insight and develop understanding of certain life issues and metaphysical concepts.

It is interesting to note that, most of these books came to me via coincidences rather than my reaching out to them. Whenever I was deeply engrossed in thinking about certain issues and their solutions or certain complex questions about life, some book would just come to me and guide my way. When I look back it seems as if some unknown force was always guiding me step by step via these books coming to me.

I am grateful to all the authors who poured their wisdom into them and showed the courage to share their experiences irrespective of the not so conducive environment around them. So many times I was awe struck, admiring them for their work and generosity. Many books gave me a great sense of relief, after reading them I use to tell myself- “I am not mad, there are other people also in this world who are thinking and working on the same lines”. Many times, I just had a faint idea or little understanding about a concept, and I found books with detailed work on that topic - This encouraged me to trust my inner guidance and the concepts that came to me from within. There have been numerous such books but here I would like to share with you the names of  few of them. May the wisdom emanating from them, light your inner journey too !

Happy Reading !

Dr Jyotika Gupta