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Have you ever heard statements like: having desires is bad, desires are the root cause of human suffering, one should not go after fulfilling ones desires as this will create more & more desires and it will be a never ending story, your desires are the biggest blocks in your spiritual evolution etc… 
What do you think about them? Have you bought into some of these point of views and judging yourself for having desires / suppressing, ignoring or denying them ? If yes then I invite you to look at these beliefs from a different perspective & see whether such beliefs are actually true for you and are they making your life experience better or creating misery for you?

* having desires is bad, desires are the root cause of human suffering: The fact is- We all have desires, it is natural to have them. Even a yogi has desire which could be salvation/ to know himself / to be with his guru. Being without desire is also a desire! I guess without desire nothing can be achieved. Its not the desires that cause suffering. It’s the unfulfilled desires that are the greatest source of suffering in life. Think about it….! As I see it, desires are neither good nor bad they are what they are and have a purpose.

* fulfilling ones desires will create more & more desires and it will be a never ending story: If you truly desire something and allow yourself to have it , it will bring you peace satisfaction and fulfilment and over a period of time you will outgrow it when your soul has been satiated of that experience. However false desires can put you into a vicious circle of compulsion to get it – not feeling satisfied & eventually getting exhausted. To know whether something is your true desire or not just check how you feel when you get the object of your desire? If it brings you peace joy happiness fulfilment & satisfaction it is a true desire. Whereas if on getting the object of your desire you feel a need to have it more & more –it is a false desire and is pointing to something unhealed within you. 

* your desires are the biggest blocks in your spiritual evolution: Well, I would say that unfulfilled desires are the block to it, some desires actually guide you on your spiritual journey. Enlightened ones have said that being stuck in the cycle of birth & death is the cause of human suffering. Have you ever thought about the reason behind soul getting stuck in reincarnation cycle? In past life regression work & wisdom from scriptures we have seen that unfulfilled desires at the time of death are the reason for soul getting into a new life. So, when you allow yourself to fulfil your desires you will be satisfied and not looking out for some experiences desperately. However if you suppress or deny your desires they will become the cause of your next birth. Life is an opportunity to fulfil your desires, be satisfied, gain the experience and evolve in the process with ease & joy.

So, my dear friends take out time to become aware of what you truly desire & how intensely you desire it. Desiring something & making efforts to fulfil it leads to expansion, growth, happiness & fulfilment. Be open to receive divine help in fulfilling your true heart’s desire!

Dr Jyotika Gupta                                 26th April 2017

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