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* Can you suggest me which scan should I get done?

You can take a decision after considering three factors - charges, time required for session and your reason for getting an aura scan done. If the reason is just a curiosity to see your aura, then a single picture scan would be sufficient. If you want to know more about your aura and the thoughts and emotions affecting it, you should go for a basic scan (5pics). If you want a detailed analysis of your aura, general or related to a specific issue, then you should go for a full scan (10pics).

* Please suggest what clothes should I wear for aura photography?

The clothes you wear during aura photography should be comfortable, loose, white or light coloured, preferably cotton (not synthetic/reflective material), and allowing maximum skin exposure. Men can wear white vest and shorts, or pants which can be rolled up above knee and shirts with sleeves rolled up as much as possible. Females can choose their clothes with above specifications, if comfortable they can choose white, cotton, sleeveless kurta or inner till knee length with or without salwar / shorts/ pants which can be rolled up above knee.

* Can my family member be with me during the session?

It is not advisable to keep anyone with you while the interpretation of aura photograph and discussion is happening. If you want, a person can be with you till the time your photos are being clicked. In case it is very important for you to have someone during discussion also, we will allow. Parents need to be present with the child, except if the child wants to have the session alone (generally seen with children above 14yrs).

* I would like to work more on my subconscious thoughts and emotions, please guide me, how can I do that?

It is very good to know that you want to be aware of the subconscious reasons behind your issues and work on them. You can either take consultation sessions from Dr Jyotika or any other therapist/healer whom you resonate with. Or you can learn self help techniques by attending healing workshops and help yourself on a day to day basis. Details of some of the workshops are available on this website.