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Aura Photography helps you to discover the subconscious thoughts and emotions, which are causing disturbance in the flow of cosmic energy (prana) within your body and creating  energy blocks within your Aura (energy field). Healing Presence organizes Aura Photography Camps from time to time in different cities, offering single picture scans with short analysis and remedy. For detailed scan and analysis you can book an aura photography session with Dr. Jyotika Gupta. We have three categories of aura scans to meet different needs of people, details of which are given below...

» TYPES of Aura Scans

Ø SINGLE PICTURE SCAN   -      Rs 750/-    ;  30mins

Ø BASIC SCAN   (5 pictures)  -     Rs 2500/-   ;  1 hr

Ø FULL SCAN   (10 pictures) -      Rs 3500/-   ;  1.5 hrs


» PRE-REQUISITES for taking Aura Picture

- White cotton clothes, comfortable with maximum skin exposure possible

- No make-up, No jewellery, No accessories, spectacles to be removed  

- Hair tied up at the back

- Well hydrated

- Relaxed frame of mind


Healing Presence organizes Aura Photography Camps from time to time in different cities. Purpose of these camps is to introduce people to aura photography. In these camps we offer single picture scans with 15 mins discussion with Dr Jyotika, which includes brief analysis of your aura photo and suggesting remedy for clearing your aura blocks. Schedule of these Camps with -Date, Timings and Venue  are displayed on the website under Events Calendar section. No prior appointment is required for scanning in these camps. However, it is better to register yourself beforehand and reserve your seat because only limited scans can be done in the available time.

Charges for scanning in these camps per scan is Rs 500/- (in Jaipur) ; Rs 600/-(outside Jaipur) .


1) Booking an Appointment: You can book an Aura Photography Session with Dr Jyotika by calling us on mob: 9828229391, 3-5pm, Monday to Friday. You will be asked to tell the type of scan you want to get done - Single picture/ Basic / Full Scan.

Note: Aura photography Sessions are done with prior appointment only.

2) Aura Photography Session: You are required to come with the required dress code (changing room will be available). It is advisable to come for the session 10-15mins earlier- settle down, make payment and get ready. In the session, first your digital pictures are taken under specific conditions and with proper dress. Then aura photographs are generated from these pictures with the help of aura software. This is followed by analysis and interpretation of aura photos. Finally, Dr. Jyotika suggests remedy for clearing energy blocks & congestion in your aura.

3) Aura Scan Report: For basic and full scans, a detailed aura scan report will be prepared and sent to you by courier within 4 weeks from the date of your aura photography session. For single picture scan, generally the aura photo print is given during the session along with its interpretation and the remedy suggested by Dr. Jyotika Gupta . (No detailed report is sent later)

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