Access BARS Workshop with Dr Jyotika on 17th February 2019, Sunday, 9:30am to 6:30pm Jaipur. For Registration Call us @ 9828229391
Primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it, be aware of the thoughts you are thinking -Eckhart Tolle


Duration:       3.5hrs
Timings:        10:30 am- 2pm  OR  2:30 - 6pm  (can be customized for a group)
Charges:        Rs 3500/-
Facilitator:    Dr Jyotika Gupta Certified Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator

This workshop offers you simple, powerful, dynamic tools of Access Consciousness to
change your financial reality and create greater with ease.
It is based on the book "Money Isnt the problem, You are" by Gary Douglas &
Dr Dain Heer (founder & co- founder of Access Consciousness).
It is not a must to have read the book to attend the workshop. You can purchase it online.
Do you have a money issue?
What if money is NEVER the issue?
What if RECEIVING is the issue & YOU are the solution?
What if you could create a greater financial reality with ease, joy & glory?


► HOW TO BECOME MONEY? Workbook by Gary Douglas
Duration:      4 - 5hrs
Timings:        9 am- 1pm  OR  2:30 - 6:30pm  (can be customized for a group)
Medium:        Live / Online via Zoom
Charges:        Rs 5500/-   (plus Venue honoring- approx Rs 500/- for live class)
Facilitator:    Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator 
Co-ordinator:     Dr Jyotika Gupta Certified Access Bars Facilitator
Requirement: Please come with your own money workbook. You can purchase it online.

In this workshop we do the Money Workbook by Gary Douglas with  a Certified Access Facilitator in a group setting. Gary Douglas is the founder of Access Consciousness and this workbook  is what got channeled through him in a money class from Raz Putin. Gary highly recommends doing this workbook frequently to erase all your limiting beliefs around money that you have gatthered accross lifeimes and from your family and society. It helps you go beyond your family's financial reality and create greater with ease. It allows you to have ease with receiving and gifting money. Doing the workbook in a group clears far more junk than doing it alone. And when you do it with a Certified Access Facilitator, you also get personal & group facilitation for everything that shows up for you and other participants during the process. How does it get any better than this? What else is possible?

What if money was not a consideration/ limitation to have anything you desire?
What if you are the catalyst to change anything that is not working for you?
What if you could actually have ease with creating money and enjoying it ?

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