Holistic Health OPD by Dr Jyotika Gupta in Jaipur on 6th May 2018 (Sunday). Prior Appointment is required! For booking appointment contact us @ mob:9828229391. For details see Events Calendar.
A mind that is stretched by new experience can never go back to its old dimensions
-Oliver Wendall Holmes


Duration:         2 days   (usually on weekends)

     Timings:          10am – 5pm

Fees:                Rs 8500/-     (Repeaters: Rs 1500/- per day)

Facilitator:       Dr. Jyotika Gupta

Pre-requisite:  1) Willingness to communicate with angels & some past experience of angels

                         2) Having read at least 1 book on angels by Doreen Virtue

Angel Card Reading

Angel Card reading is a very good medium to communicate with angels, receive their messages and guidance regarding any situation.

The word ‘Angel’ means messenger of God. They are celestial beings with supernatural powers. We find their mention in different religions across the world, some call them farishte, devas ,devdoots etc. There are numerous angels, it is said that they are created by God’s loving thoughts for us. Each one of us has at least two guardian angels with us, from the time we are conceived in our mother’s womb. They are appointed by God to be with us, guide us, support us, help and protect us as we go through our life’s journey. They are always communicating with us, more intensely in difficult times and crisis but most of the times we ignore their signs/ messages and over the time our higher senses become dull and we are unable to communicate with them. Angel cards can help us get their messages and guidance. As we begin to do angel card readings we restore our communication with angels.

Personal Angel Card Reading Session with Dr Jyotika:

Get Angel's guidance for yourself or your loved ones via skype/ phone/ in person session with Dr Jyotika. To book your appointment call us at mob: 9828229391, between 3-5pm, mon -fri, Charges@ Rs 1000/- per hour (generally session takes 30-45mins).

The Workshop Includes:

* Introduction about angels and their hierarchy

* Introduction to Archangels and their characteristics

* Meditations to clear your chakras and open your higher senses to communicate with angels

* Meditation to recognize your guardian angels

* Understanding angel signs and the difference between messages from angels and ego

* Recognizing your primary clair (higher sense) and how to activate your other clairs

* How to choose Angel Card Deck for yourself

* How to clear and take care of your angel cards

* How to give angel card readings for yourself and others

* Practicing Angel card reading with other participants

* Learning to do readings with different type of card spreads

Note: Angel Card deck will be provided in the workshop and is included in the course fees, if you are already using any particular card deck you can bring it with you for additional use.      


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