MONEY WORKSHOP- How Much Are You Willing To Receive? by Dr Jyotika Gupta, 9th June Saturday, 2:30- 6pm Jaipur. For Registration contact-9828229391
The very act of observation is an act of creation


Duration:         1 day   (can be customized for specific groups)

     Timings:          9:00am – 6:30pm

Fees:                Rs 5000/- (clients)   ;  Rs 2000/- (representatives & observers)

Facilitator:      Dr. Jyotika Gupta

Pre-requisite:  1) Willingness to Acknowledge the Truth ‘As It Is’ 

                            2) Being open to accept any outcome that naturally flows out of the divine matrix,

                                Even if it challenges your comfort zone       

Preparation: Once you register for the workshop, a Family Constellation Questionnaire will be sent to you via email. You are required to fill it up and send it to Dr Jyotika, atleast 5days before the workshop starts. Draw your Family Tree and bring it with you to the workshop along with the copy of filled up form for your reference.   

*Note: Duration, Timings and Charges can vary depending upon the number of days of workshop and needs of a particular group

Family Constellation

Family Constellation is a powerful method to heal the soul of a family and restore free flow of love within a family system. It was originally developed by a German therapist Mr. Bert Hellinger.

The word ‘Constellation’ means- A group of stars forming a recognizable pattern. In a constellation, each star has its unique position and relation with other stars. Similarly, a Family is group of individuals sharing the same energy field across generations. Each member of the family has its unique placement in this field and in relation with other members.This family energy field, also referred to as the ‘family soul’ is embedded within the universal energy field called the divine matrix. Divine love flowing from the divine matrix into the family soul nurtures and maintains it. Each family system has a certain order and unspoken rules which govern its dynamics. It is seen that love flows freely within a family system when its order and rules are respected by all members.

The good and bad deeds done by our ancestors/ us/any member of our family gets embedded in the family energy field and positively /negatively affect all the members across generations. The negative energy, thoughts, emotions, deeds are secretly held embedded in the field and cause imbalance. Every member of the family unconsciously tries to balance this field, out of love & in this process becomes entangled. This violates the order and laws within the family system and blocks free flow of love into the family soul, thus creating suffering for all. Thus the behaviour, feelings, attitudes and well being of an individual are governed by his entanglement with the family system, which he is not even aware.

The process of family constellation uncovers any destructive family dynamics that maybe lying beneath the surface. It brings the unconscious patterns to conscious awareness, so that they do not control an individual anymore. It helps the individual to move from entanglement to connection and alignment. It allows spiritual consciousness to come up through the family consciousness, and restore free flow of love in the family’s soul.

The Essence of family constellation work lies in ‘Acknowledging the Truth -As It Is’

The Experiential Workshop:

One has to experience a family constellation to be able to appreciate its value. Family Constellations are usually done with a group of people but can be done in individual sessions. People across the world have been benefited by family constellation method, but its founder Bert Hellinger still considers it as an experimental and experiential method. Emphasis is on experiencing instead of understanding. Broad idea of what happens in a family constellation workshop with group of people is given below. You can play three roles in this workshop- Client (person who’s family constellation is set up) / Representative (person who represents a family member of client) / Observer (person who just watches from outside).


* First the facilitator talks with the client, to establish the issue which brought him to family     constellation, getting the details of family and any important event in history.

* Then the client chooses people from the group to represent each member of his family. A person can refuse to play that role if he does not feel up to it.

* Then the constellation is set – Client intuitively places the representatives in spatial and directional positions that represent their relationship with each other. As this is done, the constellation emerges and an autonomous energy field/matrix is created. Once this is done, the client sits among the observers and watches the matrix unfold ‘what is’.

* Then process takes over and guides the representative to shift positions, express their feelings. The facilitator occasionally intervenes but not always to facilitate the unfolding of truth. When the constellation reaches a resolution, client is put in the place of his representative. As he takes this new position, there is rewiring of neuropathways due to this new experience. This new perception sets the stage for manifesting the new reality in his life.

* Finally, the client thanks each representative and frees them from playing the role of his family members. Client is then given time in solitude to integrate the experience in their own way.

Usually it is possible to conduct 3 to maximum 4 family constellations in a day.

Benefits of experiencing family constellation:

For Client: There could be three possible benefits for the client - Acknowledgement of ‘what is’ / direction to a possible solution / the resolution itself

For Representatives: The role that a representative gets to play somewhere resonates with his story and experiencing it heals something in him & can give great insight into his own life

For Observers: The mere act of witnessing someone else’s family constellation and being present to what is happening in front of him has the power to bring internal shifts in him in areas where he has found himself stuck for long.

» PRIVATE SESSION of Family Constellation & Systemic Healing with Dr Jyotika:

Family Constellation & Systemic Healing work is best done with a group of people! However, we do not get the luxury of having a group everytime for healing. Moreover, sometimes people are uncomfortable in addressing their issues in a group setting. For such scenarios one can take a private session of Family Constellation with Dr Jyotika. This is done with the help of paper and objects. Duration: It varies from individual to individual but you can expect it to be around 2-3 hrs, Charges: Rs 7500 to 10,000/- .

For booking your appointment, call us at mob: 9828229391 between 3-5pm, Mon- Fri.  


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