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The guru is someone who continuously punctures your ego, yet is your friend -Sadhguru Jv

HEALING PRESENCE is a Holistic Healing Centre in Jaipur (Rajasthan) India. It was founded by Dr. Jyotika Gupta, a holistic doctor.


  • To spread awareness among people about, Holistic Healing & Role of subconscious mind- thoughts & emotions, in creating health, well being and enhancing quality of life.
  • To empower people with simple Self help & Healing Techniques, with which they can take care of their emotional and mental health on a day to day basis.
  • To spread awareness among doctors about the role of subconscious mind in creating health. Encourage doctors to adopt an Integrated Holistic Approach in health care, which combines conventional medicine with healing modalities. To consider the patient as a whole person and not just a disease or physical body.


  • Healing Presence organizes various Self help & Healing Workshops from time to time in different cities of India. These workshops are mostly facilitated by Dr. Jyotika Gupta.
  • Healing Presence conducts Awareness Talks on topics related to Holistic healing, Emotional & Mental Health, Metaphysics, and Human Well-being. Besides Dr. Jyotika Gupta we also invite other renowned speakers in this field to share their knowledge and experience with us.
  • Healing Presence organizes Holistic Healing Camps to spread awareness and give people an opportunity to experience various holistic healing modalities.
  • Healing Presence organizes Aura Photography Camps to spread awareness about aura and its role in human interactions, material success & inner peace. People get to see their aura with the help of aura photography, and also get a reading of their aura photo by Dr Jyotika.
  • Healing Presence organizes Healers’ Meet for its students. It is an opportunity for all students to interact with each other and with Dr. Jyotika Gupta and share experiences, ideas & life learnings, clear queries, discuss new healing techniques, practice group meditation etc.


This website has been created with the aim of ......

  • To serve as a medium for spreading awareness about holistic healing
  • To make it easy for people to get information about our workshops, events, camps etc
  • Reaching out to our clients and anyone in need of our healing services across the globe
  • To lend a helping hand to all patients of Fibromyalgia in their recovery process via our healing services and online sessions


There have been many people, known and unknown who have contributed to the development of this website. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to all of them, for their contribution.
First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my mother Ms Kamal Gupta for being my strength and loving support, helping me in decision making at crucial times. Gratitude to Ms Bindu Mehta for being there even at odd hours & Ms Era Sharma for her valuable help. I extend my gratitude to Mr Raj Goyal for his untiring efforts & valuable contribution in this project and providing technical support at all times. No words can express the grattitude felt for Ms Kanika Gupta for taking charge of the project at crucial juncture and streamlining things for completion.
Special thanks to all those unknown people who have created the images used in this website. I have found peace and solace seeing them and hope everyone who sees them also finds peace and serenity. If you, the one reading this is the creator of any of the images used in this website, Do let us know your name. We would like to acknowledge your contribution! In case, you don’t want your creation to be displayed on this site, do let us know, we will remove it.
I would also like to thank all the developers for their contribution in developing this website.
Above all, I would like to thank God, Angels and Ascended Masters for their constant guidance and support throughout the process of making this website. Making of this site has been a great learning experience. I now invoke the Angels to shower their Love & Light on every soul that visits this website and to guide them to their perfect resolution. May divine Love & Light be with you always on your life's journey.
Thank You !

Dr. Jyotika Gupta