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What you seek is seeking you -Rumi


Dr Jyotika is basically an allopathic doctor with postgraduate training in Anaesthesia. She has worked in the field of Critical Care as Senior Resident for few years. Her interest in the field of Holistic Health Care and metaphysical cause of diseases, has lead her to explore and learn various healing modalities like Reiki, Crystal healing, Radical Healing, EET, NLP, Tissue Salts, Clinical hypnotherapy, Past life Regression therapy, Family Constellations, Access Consciousness BARS & Body Processes etc. Along with her hospital duties she practiced as a holistic healer in her free time. She believes in employing an integrated approach in health care, which utilizes various healing modalities together with conventional medicine to help a patient achieve balance and well being at all levels –Physical Body, Mind & Soul.

Dr. Jyotika is a Holistic Doctor which means she takes into account the person as a whole (Body, Mind & Soul) while dealing with any of his issues. When a person consults Dr. Jyotika for any issue (Physical health, Mental & Emotional health, Work, Career, Finances, Relationships etc) She helps the person to discover the cause of his issue at all levels ie. 1) Body /Physical level 2) Subconscious Mind/ Metaphysical level -Thoughts, Emotions, Beliefs & Conditionings. And help him prepare a Self Healing Plan, which not only takes care of all aspects of the issue but also restore balance & well being in his life. She also helps the person to discover and understand his karmic learning from the issue. In other words, why has the soul chosen to experience that issue in this life.

She also conducts various self help workshops to empower people with tools, which can help them take care of their emotional and mental well being on everyday basis. She provides support and guidance to her students in their self healing & helps them to become confidant in using the healing techniques for themselves and their loved ones. She has conducted awareness talks for doctors and masses to spread awareness about the vital role of emotional & mental well being in health and life.


  • M.B.B.S (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) from Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, Jolly Grant Dehradun, India.
  • D.N.B Training in Anaesthesia ( Diplomate of National Board ) from Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital Jaipur , Rajasthan, India.
  • Diploma in Biochemic Tissue Salts from Stonebridge Associated Colleges UK , NCFE accredited Level 3 course.
  • Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification from California Hypnosis Institute of India Mumbai, India ( now called EKAA ); Recognized by International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association USA
  • Basic & Advanced Courses in Radical Healing from CHII, Mumbai India
  • Teachers’ Training in Radical Healing by Dr Neeta Yuvraj ( Atman ) in May 2010, from CHII, Mumbai, India
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming – Certified Practitioner from DJL International
  • New Life Reiki Level 1 &2 ( Basic & Advanced) - Usui Shiki Ryoho System Masters - Dr Radha Nayar & Dr Surendra Kapoor , from International Institute of Reiki, Chennai, India.
  • Traditional Reiki Level 1&2 - Usui Shiki Ryoho, from Sensei Nalin Nirula & Renoo Nirula , New Delhi, India
  • Traditional Reiki Level 2, 3A & Masters Degree in Usui Shiki Ryoho System, Master – Mr Amit Singh , New Delhi, India
  • Basic, Advanced & Quantum Levels of Karmic Quotient Force Karmic Healing, from Masters- Nalin Nirula & Renoo Nirula , New Delhi, India
  • Basic Crystal Healing from Look Beyond , New Delhi India
  • Earth Angel Communicator & Angel Card Reading Course from Earth Angels (Sunita Singad) Mumbai, India
  • Accupressure- Chineese Sujok & Ayurvedic (basic level)
  • Family Constellation & Systemic Healing Facilitators’Course, Levels 1A, 1B & 2A from Mr Yuval and Mr Moghan , CHII Mumbai , India
  • Aura Photography & Analysis Training from CHII, Mumbai India
  • Inner Child Healing- Advanced Training from Life Research Academy 
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy & Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy 
  • Crystalline Mind (RFT) Practitioner
  • Access Consciousness BARS Facilitator
  • MTVSS Access Consciousness Body process Practitioner
  • Access Consciousness- The Foundation Class
  • Talk to the Entities - Access Consciousness Speciality Class with Dr Anthony Mattis
  • Conscious Parents Conscious Kids - Access Consciousness Speciality Class
  • 3 Day Body Class of Access Consciousness with Kass Thomas
  • Choice of Possibilities- Access Consciousness core class with Brenden Watt
  • Access Energetic Facelift - Body Process Class

The above Trainings and Qualifications were important but I feel life is the bigget teacher. My biggest learnings has been from the six years of Living with Fibromyalgia & Experiencing divine soul connections & Communion with people, which has enriched my life and lead to more awareness & consciousness !


Dr. Jyotika Gupta is Registered with

  • Medical Council of India and
  • Delhi Medical Council

She is a Lifetime Member of

Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists and

* International Trauma Anaesthesia & Critical Care Society, Indian Chapter

* Member of – National Fibromyalgia Association CA