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Healing is a personal choice, it cannot be forced on anyone, neither self nor others moreover,everyone awakens learns & grows at their own pace & timing -Jyotika Gupta


Healing: It is the process of regaining your balance and becoming healthy again. In Hindi- Apna santulan wapas pane aur swasth hone ki prakriya.The word healing literally means to become whole or to be one with that is whole.

Holistic: It means considering the whole instead of †separate individual parts. Having a holistic approach means, to have an all encompassing view of the whole system based on the knowledge of properties and functions of its components, their interactions with each other and their relationship with the whole. In the field of health and healing, holistic refers to considering the human being as a whole person and not just a physical body. †So, what does a whole human being comprise of ? Whole Human Being = Body + Mind + Soul

Holistic healing: It considers the human being as a whole while dealing with any issue. The aim of holistic healing is to restore balance and well being at all levels in a personís life ie. physical, emotional , mental , energy, spiritual, relationships, work, finances, social. It addresses the cause of issues/ dis-ease at all levels- physical as well as metaphysical (beyond the physical).

Health: Definition of health according to World Health Organization is- Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. What we need to understand from this definition is that -Absence of disease is not equal to health and one also needs to consider emotional, mental and social aspects of a human being when we talk about health.

Modern Medicine & Holistic Health Care: Modern medicine at present is primarily focused on fighting disease and is reluctant to look beyond the physical body for cause of illness. Although it has a very important role in removing disease but its reach is limited as far as creating health is concerned. Difference between modern medicine and holistic health care is that, in the field of holistic healing the patient takes on the responsibility of his own health while the therapist acts like a guide to him. It is not like modern medicine where the responsibility to get well is on the doctor and the medicine. Despite the differences, both have their own unique roles in Health. None is complete in itself. They are complementary and not an alternate to each other. When we are open to integrating various healing modalities to take care of human being as a whole, it is called Integrated Holistic Healing. These days there are many doctors who are also holistic healing practitioners and many hospitals all over the world are setting up departments of Integrative Medicine.

Issues in Life: A human being has a Physical Body, Mind and Soul. As we go through our lifeís journey, the soul remains a neutral observer and provides energy to create whatever we want. The mind acts as the blueprint/ mould in which our physical reality takes shape. All suffering is created unconsciously at the level of mind and is manifested in our physical reality. Generally, when we face problems in our physical reality we only look outside for their causes and try to fix them with logic, reasoning, analysis and physical measures. This is important and required, but it can give us only partial and temporary relief. The root cause of problem lies within the depths of our mind in the form of subconscious thoughts, emotions, beliefs, conditionings, karmic patterns etc. To address these metaphysical causes, we need to turn inwards and take our inner journey of self awareness. We at Healing Presence help you in becoming aware of the metaphysical causes behind your issues and guide you to deal with them in a much empowered and constructive manner.There is a higher reason/ vision behind every situation and issue that you are facing. There is some karmic learning for you in every difficult or failed relationship. We help you discover your gift and learning from each situation.

Anatomy of a Human Being:†A human being has 5 bodies ( 1 Physical body and 4 Subtle bodies ) : 1) Physical body ; 2) Etheric body ; 3) Emotional body ; 4) Mental body ; 5) Spiritual body

All these bodies are not watertight compartments, they are all interconnected and influenced by each other. The cosmic energy from universe is absorbed and distributed into the physical body by means of an energy distributing system comprising of Chakras and Nadis. There are 7 Major Chakras and numerous Minor chakras and about 72,000 nadis in our subtle bodies. An energy block anywhere in this network will eventually lead to dis-ease. This is no more a hypothesis as one can see ones subtle bodies by means of an Aura Scan. Acupuncture specialists have devised instruments to locate these energy meridians (nadis) and the exact location of energy blocks. † † ††

Holistic Healing Plan:†To deal with any issue in life holistically we need to diagnose its cause at the level of all these bodies †ie. what is its physical cause, which emotions and thoughts are creating the issue, which chakras and nadis need to be worked upon, what is the karmic learning from that issue for the person. Having done this, we design a holistic healing plan which integrates all the measures required to restore balance at all levels and create health and well being.