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Taking time to do nothing often brings everything to perspective
-Doe Zantamata



Once you have a confirmed appointment, it is time to get ready for your holistic healing session. There are a few things you can do before the session for best utilization of your time with Dr Jyotika.

(A) Before Session (Common): It is good to take out some quiet time for yourself and introspect- Which issue you want to deal with? How is it affecting your life? What is it that you want out of the issue? What help are you expecting from the consultation sessions?

Additional preparation for Online Sessions - Technical: Make sure you have a good internet connection (broadband/ high speed) and electricity supply. If you do not have skype, please download it and add Dr Jyotika in your contacts.  It is good to check that your skype is functioning properly a day before the session. Comfort: Take out 2hrs of undisturbed time for yourself at a place where you can be alone and not disturbed by loud noises or people. If you have small children it is better to make arrangements for someone- family/ friends/ spouse to take care of them during the session.

(B) On the Day of Session (Online): It is good to get ready and connect the computer 10-15mins before the scheduled time, relax and settle down. Please keep pen and paper with you for noting down any important points that come up during the session. Make yourself comfortable, wear lose comfortable clothing in which you are at ease, keep anything else that you might need during the session with you like- water, tissues, blanket, cushions etc. It is good to use the washroom before the session. Keep your phone with you so that in case of any technical issues with internet/ electricity we can continue on phone. It is better to use landline phone because issues like battery discharging and balance over are avoided. In case of using mobile, please charge it before the session and keep the charger with you and ensure you have sufficient balance.

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