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What you seek is seeking you


* FOR WITHIN INDIA CLIENTS (those making payment from within India):

*  Routine Holistic Healing Sessions - Rs 1000/- per hour  
                                                                 (Rs 750 per hour for Fibromyalgia patients)
* Holistic Health OPD (short session-30mins):      Rs 500/- (held on first sunday of every month)
-    Access Bars Short Session (20-30mins):              Rs 1250/-  per session
-    Access Bars Full Session (45-60mins):                 Rs 2500/-  per session
-    Access Body Processes Sessions:                          Rs 2500/-  per session
-   Access Consciousness Verbal Clearing Session:  Rs 2500/- per hour
    (Packages available for Access Bars & Access Body Processes sessions)

-    Angel Card Reading:                                              Rs 1000/- per hour
-    Family Constellation Private Session:                  Rs 7500 – 10,000/-

-    Biochemic Tissue Remedies First Consultation: Rs 500/-  (free for Fibromyalgia patients)
-    Biochemic Tissue Remedies Follow up:               Rs 300/-  (free for Fibromyalgia patients)

-    Acupressure First Consultation (with Chart):    Rs 200/-  plus kit
-    Acupressure Follow up (only application):          Rs 50/-
-    Acupressure Follow up (revised chart):               Rs 100/- plus kit
-    Acupressure for different issue (new chart):       Rs 200/- plus kit

FOR OUTSIDE INDIA CLIENTS (those making payment from outside India):

    Routine Holistic Healing Sessions - 75 USD per hour
                                                                (50 USD per hour for Fibromyalgia patients) 
-    Biochemic Tissue Remedies First Consultation:  30 USD  (free for Fibromyalgia patients)
-    Biochemic Tissue Remedies Follow up:                20 USD  (free for Fibromyalgia patients)

-    Acupressure First Consultation (with Chart):     25 USD  (20 USD for Fibromyalgia patients)
-    Acupressure Follow up (revised chart):                15 USD  (10 USD for Fibromyalgia patients)
-    Acupressure for different issue (new chart):        25 USD  

-    Angel Card Reading:                                              25 USD per hour
-    Access Verbal Clearing Sessions:                          100 USD per hour 


FOR WITHIN INDIA CLIENTS  (those making payment from within India):There are two options for making payment...

1) Direct deposit of Cash / Cheque in bank

2) Net Transfer - transfer of money via internet banking

Our bank details are:

Name:             Jyotika Gupta

Bank:              Union Bank of India ; Branch: SDM Hospital - Bapu Nagar, Jaipur

SA/c Number:   369202011064029  ;  IFS Code: UBIN0558613

FOR OUTSIDE INDIA CLIENTS (those making payment from outside India): Payment can be made via Pay pal. Link for it will be provided in the email with details of tentative appointment. 

*For In Person Session: You can make the payment when you come for the session. 
*For Online Session: You will be required to confirm your appointment by depositing Rs1000/-  within India (or 75USD for outside India payment), before the scheduled date of session. This amount is non refundable in case of cancellation of appointment. You are required to deposit the remaining amount (depending upon total hours of session) within next 2days.

In case you have a confirmed appointment and due to any reason feel that you will not be able to make it or you want to cancel it. Please inform us timely so that we can offer that appointment to someone else who needs it. For details of our substitution and refund policy please click on the appropriate link below.

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