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(For Diagnosing Tissue Salt Deficiencies)

Signs of tissue salt deficiencies are easily visible on our face. Idea of analysing face for diagnosing tissue salt deficiencies was pioneered by Dr. Schuessler but it was developed and verified by Dr. Kurt Hickethier. Nowadays, facial analysis has become the mainstay for diagnosing which tissue salts are deficient in body. Although for proper treatment and diagnosis one needs to consider many aspects like: understanding the physical and emotional symptoms; observing signs of deficiency in face, tongue, body and discharges; noting the aggravating and relieving factors. If you want to try biochemic tissue salts without going in for full consultation, you can get your facial analysis done by Dr. Jyotika Gupta. This can be done in three easy steps ....

1) Click a picture of your face with a digital camera (as per the guidelines given below)

2) Deposit the fee: Our bank account details are given below on this page

    *Within India- Rs 200/- (payment by Net Transfer / direct deposit of cash or cheque)                      

3) Send your face picture along with details given below via email to us at


    Please give the following details in your email:

   * Keep Subject of Email - Facial Analysis of ____________(your name)

   * Some Details:  Name / Age/ gender/ sun sign , Any health issue or diseases, present treatment

                               & tongue picture if possible

   * Details of payment:  Amount & Date of payment

                                       Mode of payment- Net transfer, Cash/Cheque deposit

                                       Details of transaction (cheque number&bank, transaction id etc...)

On receiving your face picture and fees, we will send your Facial Analysis Report on your email id as soon as possible (max within 2weeks).

The report will contain a list of tissue salt deficiencies seen in your face and Dr. Jyotika’s prescription for you to replace them.

Guidelines for taking Photograph:

- Please use a digital camera to take the pictures. Do Not use mobiles, tablets, ipads for pictures, as they do not have clarity specially on zooming

- Take pictures in Daylight, (not directly falling on face) , against a plain background

- Do NOT use Flash , turn off any artificial light in room

 Avoid Hair falling on Face, Eyes, Forehead, preferably tie them at back. At least 70% of the picture area should be covered by Face

- After taking the picture, it is good to see the picture- whether you are able to see the skin and lesions clearly on zooming for example: the skin pores, wrinkles, fine lines, colour, discoloration, moles, greasy and rough texture, dark circles, etc can be appreciated.....

- Please do not wear make-up, bindi or eye glasses while taking picture. Preferably avoid getting bleach done within a week ( if you did bleach your face, please mention it )

Our bank account details are:

Name:             Jyotika Gupta

Bank:              Union Bank of India   ; Branch: SDM Hospital - Bapu Nagar, Jaipur

A/c Number:   369202011064029     ; IFS Code: UBIN0558613

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