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When you can tell the story and it doesn't bring up any pain, you know it is healed -Lyanla Vanzant


Types: In Person / Online

Days: Monday to Friday

Timings: Start time 11 or 11:30am  IST  (approx time 2hrs)

Online Medium: Video conferencing via internet - Skype/ Whatsapp video call

In Person Venue:  43 Mahadev Nagar First Floor, Hawa Sadak near Nandpuri, Jaipur-19 ,Rajasthan, India (unless specified otherwise)

These holistic healing sessions are focused on dealing with the whole person (body + mind + soul). Generally holistic healing requires a team effort of client with therapists specialized in dealing with different aspects of a human being, like doctors, diet experts, yoga and pranayam trainers, energy healers, clinical hypnotherapists etc. Our focus and expertise is in dealing with the subconscious mind (root cause of issues) and integrating different interventions to deal with an issue holistically and restoring balance at all levels in an individual.

Reasons for consultation: You can consult Dr Jyotika for any issue, it could be physical, mental or emotional health, relationships, work, career, finances or anything that is causing pain and suffering in your life. You can also consult for finding out metaphysical solutions to company and organization issues. Even for personal and spiritual growth. These Holistic healing sessions are perfect for you if you feel there is more to life than what is visible with the naked eye or can be understood with routine logic, reasoning and analysis. And, If you would like to explore this unknown aspect of yourself and become aware of the metaphysical causes of your issues and are ready to put in efforts to improve your quality of life. To know more about holistic healing and Dr Jyotika click on the respective links Holistic Healing / Dr. Jyotika Gupta

What to expect in sessions: During sessions,first step is to clearly understand the issue and how is it affecting different aspects of your life and what all coping measures you have taken until now and their efficacy and what all you are doing at present to get resolution. Next is to become clear about what do you want out of the issue ie. the goal of therapy. Then a holistic healing plan is made to deal with the issue at all levels- body, mind and soul. After this initial work, we get to subconscious mind therapy. Here we utilize different healing techniques (as suited to your case) to diagnose the metaphysical cause of your issue ie. the subconscious thoughts, emotions & beliefs that are the root cause of your issue, and take steps to deal with them effectively. At appropriate time during the therapy we also become aware of your karmic learning from that issue. Simultaneously, you are guided how to create positivity, peace, balance, harmony, happiness and love in your life. How many sessions you will require for therapy cannot be predicted at the onset.

Results: Every individual is unique having unique circumstances, strengths, weaknesses and challenges; hence everyone takes different time to get desired results. Moreover, the extent to which a person will get relief depends upon his divine life plan, his efforts and ability to bring about positive changes in him and implement his learnings in life. If one is able to do that he will definitely be benefited. Even if an issue is a fixed destined event in one’s life, one can reduce the suffering to zero with awareness and healing!

Feedbacks & Queries: For giving feedbacks or clearing queries that arise during the course of therapy you can communicate with Dr. Jyotika via email anytime. If you would like to talk to her, you can call her Monday- Friday, between 3-5pm IST.

Follow up Sessions: Generally follow up sessions are required after the first consultation. You can take them whenever you feel the need, are ready for it and it is feasible for you. Although the therapist will suggest you when to take the next session but, it is Your Inner Journey and you have the right to decide the pace at which you want to move. Having said that, for best results, please do not keep long gaps between sessions till you reach some resolution.

Online Consultation: Advances in technology have made it possible for people to consult a therapist in any part of the world. Online consultations (via the internet) are growing rapidly and becoming popular these days. Although online consultation has many benefits, it has some limitations also. It is good to be aware of both aspects before opting for online consultation.

Benefits: It is very convenient for people who travel extensively, as it can be taken from any place where you happen to be. Some people feel safer and are able to be more open in a “Virtual Room” than being in direct presence of a therapist, which can be confronting for some. It is a boon for patients who are bedridden/ too sick to visit a therapist.  It is cost effective as you save the cost of travelling to the therapist’s place. It allows people to have access to therapy even if such services/ therapists are not available in their city. It may also allow the client to feel less stigmatised without having to be seen by; others in the waiting room, the administrative staff or any other person who just happens to be walking past at the time the client walks through the door of counselling centre. It may prompt people to seek assistance when they might otherwise have hesitated, as it allows access to such services in the privacy of their own home through their computer/ laptop/ ipad/ phone.

Limitations: It requires basic familiarity with the use of computers, internet and skype. One needs to have a good internet connection (broadband/ high speed) and electricity supply. Issues with internet connection(quality and speed of internet), skype and electricity can lead to disconnections ,dropped calls and video freezes which can be very disturbing and limits its use for certain healing techniques like past life regression etc. It is not a good option for tackling crisis situations, severe psychiatric conditions and utilizing techniques in which interruption is not acceptable. The security/privacy of an online session is as good as the security of software used.

Requirements for Online Consultation: 1) Computer- desktop/ laptop with webcam and mike, 2) Electricity supply uninterrupted 3) Good Internet Connection (broadband/high speed) for video conferencing  4) Skype installed in your computer  5) Adding Dr Jyotika in your skype contacts (details will be given with the appointment)

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