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Healing comes from taking responsibility & realizing that it is you and no one else that creates your thoughts, feeling and actions
-Peter Shepherd


Radical Reading is basically Chakra Reading !

In this we check the energy flow through 7 Major and more than 100 minor chakras, with the help of a crystal pendulum. Every chakra is associated with a particular thought in subconscious mind. Therefore, chakra reading not only tells us about the condition of chakras but also helps us to diagnose the subconscious thought pattern of an individual which is not in alignment with his/her divine life plan and is the root cause of any issue in his/her life.

There are 2 basic types of Radical Reading: General / Issue Based

Purpose of a general reading is to diagnose general thought pattern of an individual which is not in alignment with his/her energies. While the purpose of an issue based reading is to diagnose those subconscious thoughts of an individual which are the root cause of an issue in his/her life. After the diagnosis of incongruent thought pattern, we design a healing thought (affirmation) for that person which when said/written by that person will reverse the effects of negative thoughts and open up the blocked chakras. Effect of this healing thought on a person’s chakras is confirmed with the help of a crystal pendulum & then the affirmation is given to the person. This system of healing is called ‘Radical Healing’. 
You can take a personalized session of Radical Healing with Dr Jyotika OR Utilize our online healing services to get radical readings via email.

Get a Radical Reading for Yourself !

A General Radical Reading can help you become more aware of yourself, and self awareness is the key to healing, success and spiritual growth. You can get an issue based reading for physical, mental, emotional, work, relationship or company issues. This will make you aware of the metaphysical cause of that issue and what You can do, to bring about positive changes in your life.

Gift a Radical Reading to Someone !

Gifting someone a Radical Reading can be a very good way of helping someone and showing them that you care. It can help them become aware of the root cause of their issue and what they can do to heal themselves. A general reading can help them to become more aware of themselves and thus empower them in any situation.

* Charges:                      Payment from Within India               Payment from Outside India

- General Reading                             Rs 1000/-                                   100 USD 

- Physical Health                               Rs 1000/-                                   100 USD

- Emotional/Mental Health                Rs 1000/-                                   100 USD

- Work/Career/ Finances                   Rs 1000/-                                   100 USD

- Relationship                                    Rs 1500/-                                   150 USD

- Company/ Organization                  Rs 2000/-                                   200 USD


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