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-Deepak Chopra



“The body is a self curing mechanism, and will maintain its efficiency provided it has a normal supply of all those elements particular to its own substance”- Eric Powell

A living human body comprises of more than 7/10 water, about 1/20 tissue salts, and rest organic matter. Although tissue salts are present in small amount in body they are the active workers, dynamic particles, builders of body. Water and organic substances are simply inert matter used by them in maintaining normal structure & function and repairing the body.


It is a unique system of natural healing which aims at maintaining normal biochemistry and physiology at cellular level. In this we diagnose any deficiency /functional defect in vital minerals (tissue salts) and restore their balance by replacing them in potentiated micro-doses. The theory of tissue salts can be traced to ancient Sanskrit science of biochemistry of the living tissues. It was rediscovered by Dr. Wilhelm. H. Schuessler a German physician in 19th century. He found that every cell in body requires certain vital minerals (tissue salts) in proper amount and balance to maintain its normal structure and function. Any deficiency or disturbance in the molecular motion or equilibrium of these tissue salts in cell leads to disease and if this balance is restored at the cellular level, by replacing salts in a form that can be readily assimilated, the body is able to heal itself.

“You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency”- Dr. Linus Pauling (2times Nobel Prize Winner) 

“The lack of minerals is the root of all disease” – Dr. Gary Todd


Tissue Salts also known as Cell Salts are inorganic mineral components of our body. Since they are concerned with biochemistry of life, the word biochemic is added to them. They are the same minerals that are found in earth’s rocks and soil. They work at the cellular level, catalyse various processes and assist in rebalancing the cellular system. They can be considered as cell food! Their main role is in maintenance of health rather than treating disease. There are 12 basic tissue salts which include forms of calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and silica. A proper balance between them is necessary for proper functioning of cell and thus the body. Our immunity to disease also depends on this balance.

Factors leading to Tissue Salts Deficiency: There are various ways in which tissue salts get depleted in our body system.....

1) Inherited deficiencies: Tissue salt deficiencies are passed on from mother to child during pregnancy. What the mother lacks during pregnancy, the child lacks at birth! Unless this backlog of deficiency is appropriately corrected, subsequent generations become weak.

2) Decreased mineral content of food we eat: Our body cannot produce even a single mineral, therefore we are totally dependent on our food for fulfilling our body’s mineral requirements. The mineral content of food we eat today is very poor and is unable to provide us with necessary minerals in adequate amounts. This is because of the methods of its production, storage, refining, preparation, use of chemicals for pest control and getting high yield. Therefore, we require supplements!

3) Environmental Stressors: Air, Water, food and electromagnetic pollution causes damage to our organ systems, which increases the requirement of minerals for repair of damaged tissue and generation of new cells. Electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices interferes with our bio-fields causing stress. To counter the outside harsh fields our mineral salts are consumed and when depleted, our energy field weakens and we become vulnerable to harsh effects of EM radiation. Our immune system and ability to bounce back to health gets impaired.

4) Lifestyle, addictions & eating habits causing Stress to body: Today’s lifestyle is exposing man to live in high levels of stress at all times. There is no time for eating, sleeping, self care, rest, relaxation & rejuvenation. Constantly being on the alert mode puts the human system under constant pressure and tension which increases requirement of minerals causes continuous depletion and ever increasing deficiency of vital minerals. Excess alcohol, smoking and coffee intake robs the body of its nutrients, decreases appetite, decreases food intake, thus mineral deficiencies. Eating at irregular times, not having proper meals, hurry and worry, eating on the go, bad sleeping habits and timings disturb the bio-rhythm of our body, weaken our energy field, causes stress, poor digestion & assimilation of minerals.

5) Deficiency of synergestic vitamins: Deficiency of one vitamin or mineral can cause disturbance in the molecular motion and assimilation of other minerals.

6) Certain Diseases & medicines: Some diseases and drugs specially of the GI Tract, block mineral absorption and affect assimilation of minerals by body.

7) Improper form of replacement: It is important to replace minerals in a form which can be easily assimilated by body and they are able to reach the cells. Otherwise the supplements may get accumulated in the body and cause toxicity while the cells continue to get depleted. Best way to replace deficient minerals is in the form of tissue salts. They are prepared by homeopathic method and contain micro dose of minerals in potentiated form. Dry tablets of tissue salts are placed below tongue and allowed to dissolve. In this way they bypass the GI processes and directly enter blood and reach the cells directly.

Diagnosis of Tissue Salt Deficiencies: Tissue salt deficiencies are diagnosed by understanding the physical and emotional symptoms; observing signs of deficiency in face, tongue, body and discharges; noting the aggravating and relieving factors.

Preparation and Usage of tissue salts: Tissue salts are prepared by homeopathic process of dilution and potentiation. In this, 1part of active mineral is ground with 9parts of Lactose (milk sugar) for 2hours to get 1x potency, then one part of this powder is mixed with 9parts of lactose powder and again ground for 2hrs and the process is repeated to get higher potencies. A potency of 6X means the process has been repeated 6times. Tissue salts are available in 3x, 6x, 12x, 30x and even 200x potencies. Potencies of 6x and 3x can be safely used by anyone, however higher potencies should be used under the guidance of a trained practitioner only.

Biochemic Tissue salts are available as tablets which can be placed in mouth and allowed to dissolve or one can dissolve them in small amount of water and sip slowly. For local application 3x potency powder is used, which can be mixed in water, vaseline or regular body lotion without strong odour. It is good to keep a gap of 30mins with meals and 10-15mins between any two salts, but it is not a must. Tissue salts are easily available in any homeopathic medicine shop or health food stores. Since the base of these tablets is lactose, people with lactose intolerance should be cautious in taking them or opt for lactose free preparations which are not that easily available. Diabetic patients can make insulin adjustments according to this equation: 50tabs of tissue salts= 1table bread unit.

Scope of Tissue Salts: Tissue salts can be used as sole remedies for minor day to day ailments. For moderate to severe diseases they can be used in combination with allopathic and other treatments. They could be the only things you need, to treat the so called vague symptoms which are not understood by allopathy. Even if you do not have any disease, they can help you in maintaining health and vitality.



Tissue Salt

Main Action or Use


Calcarea Fluor

Restores and maintains elasticity, flexibility, toning , strength & resilience of muscular and connective tissue, bones, tooth enamel , walls of blood vessels, periosteum (bone coating)


Calcarea Phos


Cell builder, excellent tonic, growth supporter, maintains body functions , aids recuperation, required for blood, connective tissue, teeth & bones


Calcarea Sulph


Nature’s Cleanser, purifies blood, dissolves discharges, drains tissues, heals and clears suppuration, an eliminator, works on liver, blood and bile


Ferrum Phos

Oxygen transporter, anti- inflammatory, anti- haemorrhage, cooling of inflamed & over heated conditions, helps in RBC formation, strengthens blood vessels, First-Aid


Kali Mur

Detoxifying Agent, Decongestant, anti-inflammatory (clears stage 2 of inflammation), helps digestion and liver function, blood & lymph conditioner, glandular tonic, essential for nerve and blood tissues, superb salt for children & childhood diseases


Kali Phos

A nerve nutrient, natural tranquiliser, pain reliever, lifts spirits, restores emotional balance & feeling of well being, important for heart, brain and intracellular fluid


Kali Sulph

A cell oxygenator ( with Ferr phos as oxygen transporter ), supports liver function, good for skin diseases like eczema, normalises mucous membranes- clears & conditions them, helps in getting rid of mucous


Mag Phos

Antispasmodic, natural pain reliever for cramps, also treats spasms, tension, stress related pains & tensions, a superb nerve & muscle relaxant and nutrient


Nat Mur

Water distributor useful for skin conditions, runny nose, hay fever, all mucous membrane conditions, heavy emotions, anger, depression, irritability


Nat Phos

Nature’s antacid & natural acid- alkaline balancer, treats digestive complaints, arthritic pains and stiffness, general mood lifter, and a stress reliever


Nat Sulph

Nature’s diuretic & toxin cleanser, liver decongestant, regulator of body fluid in whole metabolism, removing excess water from body



Nature’s Surgeon, eliminates toxins from tissues, clears suppuration, expels foreign matter from body, Strengthens connective tissue, supports & sustains system after excess stress and overwork, improves memory function & mineral assimilation

IMPORTANT POINTS to remember regarding Tissue Salts

Tissue Salts are Remedies not cures

- Tissue Salts are not drugs, they are normal constituents of our body

- Main role of tissue salts is in maintenance of Health rather than treating disease

- Tissue salts correct body functions at cellular level

- Tissue salts can be safely used by people of all ages and sex. Even pregnant females, elderly, children and animals can use them safely

- They are not habit forming

- There is no fear of toxicity / side effects with usage of tissue salts

- Tissue salts are not a substitute for taking proper diet having a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, water ; rest ; exercise etc

- Tissue salts are not a substitute for conventional medical treatment, they are complimentary to it

- They can be safely used along with your allopathic treatment

* Please inform your doctor if you add tissue salts to your treatment plan!

* Please continue other medicines as advised by your doctor and do not stop /make any alterations in them on your own

* In case of emergency, severe condition and no/ insignificant relief with tissue salts, please go to a hospital without wasting time and consult your doctor! 

TISSUE SALTS & ASTROLOGYDr. Carey and Eudora Perry eminent practitioners of biochemic system of medicine have found metaphysical correlations between 12 tissue salts and 12 astrological constellations. It has been seen that people born under a particular zodiac sign tend to get depleted in a particular tissue salt in the process of dealing with any kind of stress. So, everyone has a ‘birthday tissue salt’ which one should take on a regular basis specially in our birth month to maintain health and vitality.

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