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(For Biochemic Tissue Remedies)

You can consult Dr. Jyotika Gupta online regarding biochemic tissue remedies for your condition in five easy steps.....

1) Download the BTR- Online Consultation Form (First Consultation/ Follow up)

2) Fill up the form with a relaxed frame of mind when you have about 1hr for yourself and won’t be disturbed by anybody. First Consultation form requires more time to fill than the Follow up form. Describe your symptoms in detail.

3) Click the picture of your face, tongue and any other areas of concern for examination, with a digital camera, as per the guidelines given below on this page.

4) Deposit the fees: Our bank account details are given below on this page

    *Within India:  Payment by Net Transfer / direct deposit of Cash or Cheque

                              First Consultation: Rs 500/- ; Follow up: Rs 300/-

     Follow up is free within 2 weeks of First consultation!

     BTR Consultation is free for Fibromyalgia patients !!

5) Email us the filled up form, face & other pictures along with details of payment at

    Email:   ;  Please give the following details in your email....

   * Keep Subject of Email – BTR Online Consultation ____________(your name)

   * Details of payment: Amount & Date of payment

                                      Mode of payment- Net Transfer, Cash/Cheque deposit, Paypal

                                      Details of transaction (cheque number &bank, transaction id etc...)

                                 (If you are consulting for Fibromyalgia, just mention that- it is free for you!)

   * Attach the filled up form

   * Attach the pictures of your face and other relevant areas

On receiving your email with all the required details Dr. Jyotika will go through your case details, analyse the face and other pictures and send the prescription to you on your email id. If required she will call you for any details or clarifications before sending the prescription.

On receiving the prescription, you can purchase the prescribed tissue salts from your local homeopathic medicine store or order online from websites of authentic biochemic tissue salts manufacturing companies. If you need to talk to Dr. Jyotika, you can call her on Mob:09828229391 , between 3-5pm (IST), Monday to Friday.



» BTR - FOLLOW UP FORM   Download

» Guidelines for taking Good Photograph:

- Please use a digital camera to take the pictures. Do Not use mobiles, tablets, ipads for pictures, as they do not have clarity specially on zooming

- Take pictures in Daylight, (not directly falling on face) , against a plain background

- Do NOT use Flash , turn off any artificial light in room

- At least 70% of the picture should be covered by Face/ tongue/ area to be examined

- After taking the picture, it is good to see the picture- whether you are able to see the skin and lesions clearly on zooming for example: the skin pores, wrinkles, fine lines, colour, discoloration, moles, greasy and rough texture, dark circles, etc can be appreciated.....

- Please do not wear make-up, bindi or eye glasses while taking face picture - Preferably avoid getting bleach done within a week ( if you did bleach your face, please mention it ) - Avoid Hair falling on Face, Eyes, Forehead, preferably tie them at back

» Our bank account details:

Name:             Jyotika Gupta

Bank:              Union Bank of India ; Branch: SDM Hospital - Bapu Nagar, Jaipur

A/c Number:   369202011064029  ;  IFS Code: UBIN0558613

» Benefits and Limitations of Online Consultation: Advances in technology have made it possible for people to consult a therapist in any part of the world. Although there are many benefits of online consultation, it has its own share of limitations. It cannot completely match up to an in person consultation with a doctor.

Benefits: It is very convenient for people who are very busy and are unable to take out time to visit a doctor during his consultation timings. You can fill up the form, and send your details at any time of the day which is convenient to you, from any place wherever you are even on the go while travelling. It is a boon for patients who are bedridden / too sick to visit a doctor. You can get treatment even if a doctor is not available in your city. It is cost effective as you save the cost of travelling to the doctor’s place. You can access your prescription from anywhere you have an internet service available and show the pharmacist the prescription even from a mobile with email service.

Limitations: A medical consultation comprises of an interview with doctor in which he asks you about the history, symptoms and other questions related to them and then examines you for noting physical signs. This can be best done in an in person consultation. You may have more to tell than what the doctor asks and doctor may have another question after your answer. Moreover, one gets a sense of satisfaction and moral support in talking directly to the doctor. These things are not best achieved in online consultation.

Certain measures have been devised to overcome these limitations to some extent, such as: Dr Jyotika has designed a detailed questionnaire for online consultation with guidelines which can help the person to answer satisfactorily. Pictures of face, tongue and other relevant areas can help in examination. She generally talks to the patient via phone/ skype, after she receives the first consultation form or as and when felt necessary. Patients can call her for any queries that arise during the course of treatment or communicate via email whatever is convenient to them. Whenever possible, patients can take an in person session for tissue remedies also (with prior appointment only).

You are advised to read about tissue salts by clicking on the below link before taking online consultation for tissue remedies. Please inform your treating doctor if you add tissue salts to your treatment plan.

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