1 Day Family Constellation & Systemic Healing (experiential) Workshop in Jaipur on 30th July 2017, Sunday,9am-6:30pm, Registration open till 28th July, Contact:9828229391                                
Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed, it means the damage no longer controls our life

* You are required to confirm your online appointment by depositing Rs1000/- within India (or 100USD outside India payments) before the session. This amount is non refundable in case of cancellation of appointment from your side. It is non transferable to subsequent sessions or any other event or workshop of Healing Presence.

* In case the appointment is cancelled from our side, the amount deposited by you will be completely refunded ASAP (max in 7 working days) and new appointment date will be given with mutual consent. If you don’t want the money to be refunded and would like it to be adjusted in the next session- that can be done with mutual consent.

* If you have a confirmed appointment & will not be able to take it due to any reason. You can give that appointment to someone else after discussion with Dr Jyotika and mutual agreement. However, this should be done atleast 4hrs prior to the scheduled time of appointment. The fee deposited by you will be adjusted in that person’s session. The responsibility of paying the remaining fee (depending upon the duration of session) will rest upon you.

* In case a consultation session is started but cannot be completed, due to internet / electricity / any other technical issue - a new appointment date will be finalized with mutual consent, based on the availability of dates. Charges will depend upon the duration of session done. Fee already paid will be adjusted accordingly.

* Workshops: In case you have registered for a workshop and are unable to attend it due to any reason. The amount deposited by you minus the minimum registration amount will be refunded to you within 3weeks. For example: for EET workshop minimum registration amount is Rs500/-. If you had deposited Rs 500 for registration and are unable to attend the workshop , this amount will not be refunded. However if you had registered with full amount ie. Rs3500/-, then we will refund Rs 3000/- to you within 3weeks of you providing your bank details.

* If you have registered for any workshop and would not be able to attend it, you can transfer your seat to someone else after discussing with Dr Jyotika & mutual consent. The amount paid by you will be adjusted in that person’s fee. In case of any dispute regarding payment of fees, the responsibility of paying the remaining fees to us will rest on you. The registration amount is not transferable to other workshops or same workshop in future.